Accidental damage

Accidental damage in the UK is a serious matter, thousands of workplaces and homes are destroyed or damaged every year due to a number of reasons including floods, fires and even electrical hazards. It’s always best to be prepared but if the worst has happened then Tangible Cleaning are here to help.

We work in a number of different ways to make sure that any damage is taken care of and your property or workplace is restored to its original condition. At Tangible Cleaning we realise the urgency to have this work carried out quickly and as professionally as possible and we pride ourselves at excelling our clients expectations on a regular basis.

Within hours, we can have a fully qualified team working on your business or home and will do our absolute best to try and solve any cleaning and restoration problems you may have. We will take care of all waste disposal and sanitisation leaving you with a clean and safe environment so that re-decorating can commence as quickly as possible.

Accidental Damage is a serious problem and requires the best in cleaning services available, that’s why our clients choose to work with us. Were passionate about our cleaning services and our customer service, with Tangible Cleaning we make substantial cleaning simple.

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